7 Dog Products You Never Knew You Needed

Have you ever wished you could text your pup? Or even just facetime them so you could see their cute fluffy face. Well, we say this all the time. Like literally every time we’re apart… So our mouths dropped when we were watching Chelsea Handler’s new show on Netflix, Chelsea Does, and they featured this amazing product called PetChatz. (Less amazing after seeing that $350.00 price point :p). But anyways… it allows you to video or audio call your pet through your phone with the ability to give them treats or release a particular scent. How freaken cool!?

1. PetChatz


This got us thinking about all the ingenious products we have seen and wanted to buy so here they are:

2. Dog Umbrella


This dog umbrella by Happy Pet Travel would be PERFECT for Reagan! She hates getting wet from the rain and it would make it easier for us to go on walks without having to squeeze 2 quarts of water out of her fur. 🙂

3. Paw Wash



This Paw Wash product that makes sure the mud and dirt stays outside and not inside. It can be so tricky to get all the dirt out of Rae’s paws, this product would be a rug saver!

4. Doggie Car Organizer


This High Road Wag’nRide Doggie Car Organizer would be an amazing purchase to keep everything organized in the car for only $19.99. It’s also smart to have some extra bones, treats and poop bags on hand whenever you may need them! What better place than the car!

5. Zip N Go Pet Bed

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 1.56.23 PM

On the subject of travel, this Petmade Zip N Go Pet Bed would be perfect for road trips and save room in the trunk. Carrying a pet bed can also be the biggest pain when you’re unloading your car! It’s a little pricey at $47 but can definitely save some time and space for road trips with your pup.

6. Scents of Security dog toy

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 1.54.42 PM

Petlinks came out with this Scents of Security dog toy, not only is it an amazing name but an incredible idea. You can put a piece of your clothing in the toy with your natural scent to ease separation anxiety, stress, boredom and destructive behavior. It’s a little pricey for a dog toy at $21.49 but with the effects it’s promising it’s definitely worth checking out.

7. Whistle, the Fitbit for Dogs


We recently got fitbits for ourselves, which actually made us partly insane about getting our steps in and hitting our goals! This Buzzfeed article pretty much sums up how we feel about our fitbits… aka “insane”.We have debated putting the fitbit on Reagan to see how many steps she would get in a day and after researching it there is actually a dog fitbit called Whistle. Not only does it look super modern and cool but it tracks your dogs activity and location, which you can check right through the Whistle app on your phone. Not sure if we want some more step competition, especially from Rae but at $79 we’re really thinking about purchasing this awesome product!

We want to try all of these products, if only they’re were all cheap!

Have any of you tried these products? Would you try these products? What would be on your list?


Progress Report for National Puppy Day!

Fellow blog friends, you have failed us! How come you didn’t tell us getting a puppy would make it so hard to find time to blog? Oh wait, maybe some of you did warn us. Our bad!

We miss you all and hope you miss us too. Here is a progress report on Reagan, you know, that cute blonde who loves mud masks and eating organic (sticks and leaves to be exact).

She is 9 months old now. Who knew time would go so fast? Okay, okay, maybe you warned us about that too. We promise to start listening to you more.


Since it is now Spring, Reagan has officially experienced all four seasons and it’s been a blast watching her grow. It seems like her favorite time of the year is winter with cold temperatures and lots of snow to play in. Personally we can’t wait for summer so she can go swimming again! Her doggie paddle was no joke when she was just a young  buck. Now that she’s bigger we’re really hoping to see some Olympic worthy strokes out of her. Said every sports mom ever? We think she’ll like this next season of Spring too… It means lots of time outside at mom’s kickball games, trips to the park, and plenty of play dates!

While she is starting to look more and more like an adult, she still is very much in a puppy stage! Can someone find a way to make puppy fur last forever? Asking for a friend… It is a lot of fun to see her grow into her personality and understand commands and training though.

For those of you who have been with us from the beginning, we hope you enjoy these side by side photos! They really do grow up too fast!


Holiday Homemade Treat Recipe

We have been meaning to do a recipe post since Christmas. With Valentine’s Day this past weekend, we thought it would be perfect timing to bake some treats and create a post!

I mean, nothing says “I love you” quite like some treats?


But I’m not sure what Reagan likes more: eating a treat or licking the spoon! 🙂


Here is a printable version of the recipe I made from the Skip to My Lou recipe card generator:


Adapted from allrecipes.com


If you have a mixer this recipe really is so easy. You just throw all the ingredients in a bowl and mix it up. The recipe mentions adding water if your dough isn’t workable, but I didn’t end up having to add any to mine. Honestly, the most time consuming part is rolling out the dough and cutting out the shapes!

For Christmas, we ended up making bone shaped treats and putting them in little baggies for all of Rae’s friends! It was so easy and inexpensive but made for a great Christmas treat (pun intended) for all our fav pups.

Well since Valentine’s Day = Heart shaped EVERYTHING! We decided to make heart shaped treats. I used parchment paper for the Christmas ones but it’s not necessary because the treats come right off the pan! Check em’ out:



What’d you do for your pups on Valentine’s Day? Do you have a favorite treat recipe for your pup?

Reagan’s Top 5 Favorite Things About Winter

We are sorry for our lack of posting! We have had such a busy start to the new year. All good things though. 🙂 We have made it one of our resolutions to get back to blogging and posting more often!

We did have time to sit down with our very own Reagan Blue for a one on one interview to find out her TOP FIVE favorite things about winter. Since she kind of just sat and stared at us after every question, she wasn’t exactly cooperative in her communications. Don’t worry though, we did our best to translate her message. Check out Reagan’s top 5 favorite things about winter:

1. Chilly weather. So much for our dream of moving down south. Our little fluff ball hates the heat! If it’s hot outside, she wants nothing to do with it. Unlike her mamas, okay mama, she is loving this cold weather! Most days it’s hard to get her inside. If only we could all have such a stylish coat as her. Well Reagan enjoy, we’ll just be over here inside in fuzzy robes watching you from the window.

2. The ever stylish snow ‘stache. It’s like she has to dunk her face into the snow before taking more than two steps outside. Hence, the snow ‘stache. Honorable mention: the snow beard, the snow goatee, and the snow helmet.

3. Catching snow balls. Okay, trying to catch snow balls. While Reagan hasn’t quite grasped the concept yet, it is super cute watching her try to figure out where these disappear to when she doesn’t make the catch, which is, well, pretty freaking often. We’re losing hope here…


4. Making her own paths. You would seriously think she is building a new highway system if you saw her out back making her own little paths through the snow. Once she’s done laying the ground work, she loves running along them. If only we could train her to do this in the driveway to our cars… Just sayin.


5. The belly flop. Like most of us, it didn’t take long for Reagan to learn that jumping and falling into the snow doesn’t hurt. One day, we peaked into the back yard to see her brother jumping off the highest stairs from the deck into a pile of snow. Dogs Gone Wild, anyone? Reagan loves doing this too, although she’s not quite brave enough to jump from the highest step yet.


Stay warm everyone! Especially if your pup loves this time of year as much as ours!

Reagan’s First Christmas

We’re pretty sure the highlight of our 2015 is kind of obvious. If you’re not sure what we’re referring to, we’ll give you a hint: it is fluffy, enjoys running in circles, can be slobbery at times. If that didn’t point you to our pup Reagan, we’d love to meet anyone else who meets this description.

Anyways, we don’t want to spend time telling you that Reagan was the highlight of our year. You already know that. Instead, we’d like to tell you about the highlight of hers! She isn’t really one to talk about herself but after some prying she finally admitted that the highlight of her 2015 was… ready… I know you can’t wait…





Reagan had her spay surgery at the end of November so she spent a few weeks cooped up and taking it easy in recovery. When she finally got her stitches out and the OK from her vet, Christmas mode was in full force. We started by taking her along with us to pick out our Christmas tree. She had a great time and insisted on showing everyone her new scar by plopping down on her back and asking for belly rubs. This was such a great day for our little lady but she did get kind of annoyed at how long it was taking Mama C to put the tree on the car…

Reagan was not so sure why the tree got to come inside with us. We did catch her chewing on the branches a few times but we managed to get through our first Christmas without a single broken bulb.


After all the Christmas shopping was done, she was more than willing to lend a paw and help us wrap. Although her technique was a little less than effective and mostly consisted of her lying on the wrapping paper, we let it slide and appreciated the help anyways.


In the days leading up to Christmas, Reagan also helped her mamas bake Christmas treats for all her furry friends! Once they were baked and cut into “bone” shapes, we went for a nice walk and delivered them to a bunch of four legged friends. Okay, and maybe Reagan kept a few for herself… We will share this awesome and easy recipe with you later on!


If this wasn’t already enough to be her favorite time of the year, Reagan also participated in Secret Santa with her brother Finn and two cousins Mr. B and Cali! Since the exchange has already happened, we can tell you that Reagan drew Cali’s name, which was perfect because Cali is pretty much Reagan’s role model. Her brother Finn drew Reagan’s name and spoiled her with some treats and new toys! Mr. B was too excited to open his gifts and blew us all away with his ability to open the gifts on his own. Check out the crew in their Christmas outfits:




When Christmas morning rolled around, Reagan was, well, a kid on a Christmas! She went right to her new bed that was tucked under the tree but she didn’t stay there long once she realized there were more gifts for her. Her favorite one? A light up ball that has managed to turn our retriever into a retriever! Santa also brought her a huge hedgehog since her first toy she played with at home as a puppy was her little hedgie! Lots of bones, treats, and chew toys were quickly piled up on her bed and we didn’t see much of her after that…



We hope everyone had a very Happy Holiday and a fresh start to the New Year!

We want to hear from you! Please comment below:

How was your pups Christmas? Have you ever done a dog secret santa?

Rae’s first: Christmas Tree

During Christmas time we have a lot of lines on our to-do list: holiday parties, buying presents, Christmas movie night and of course decorating! This year we were a little delayed on getting our tree because we wanted to make sure Rae was fully recovered from her surgery to truly enjoy one of our favorite Christmas time activities.


This year we decided to get our tree from Home Depot since it was easy and Rae could go! She loved it. The amount of love and compliments she got from employees and customers didn’t hurt though. 🙂 Seriously, it was like every dog lover in Upstate NY was at Home Depot picking out a tree too. We even met someone that got a golden retriever from the other litter at Tranquility, the breeder we got Rae in Georgetown, NY. Also, when we walked out, one of the employees mentioned he had a golden retriever and we even got to see some adorable pics! We figured this was a sure sign we got the perfect tree.

Reagan was very curious when we first started picking out trees. We tried to get her to help us pick one but every tree we passed intrigued her. But, as you can see below she was an excellent poser to capture some memories!

After we found our perfect tree, we struggled a bit to get it properly latched on to our car. Reagan was interested at first but got a little impatient…

Finally, we got our tree (we call her Tina) home and started decorating. Rae thought every single bulb was a toy or was out to get her. It was hysterical. She was laying down in her playful stance barking at the bulbs on the tree. It was pretty cute but she quickly got over it. Now, we just catch her casually chewing on Tina when we can’t find her.

Now we can’t wait for Christmas morning to put her presents out! We tried to sneak her new bed upstairs but she is so sneaky and may have gotten a peak…

Overall, just like our Holiday Movie Night we were so happy to have Reagan experience another of our Christmas traditions.

We want to hear from you! What are your holiday traditions? Did you take you pets to pick out your tree this year?

Holiday Movie Night with Rae

Cookies + Cocoa + Reagan + Elf the Movie = BEST MOVIE NIGHT EVER!

We love movie nights, especially around Christmas, where we will literally watch any movie with “Christmas” in the title. You know those holiday movies on Netflix that you’ve never heard of that are so bad, but SO good. Yeah… they’re our guilty pleasure this season.

We started a list of movies we wanted to watch but haven’t actually had our official holiday movie night with everything you want during Christmas. With this handy checklist from Casper, we were all set up for our annual holiday movie night (even though it was 54 degrees in Upstate NY).


1. Comfy spot: We just got a new fleece duvet cover and this was the perfect excuse to hang out all night in bed! We’re in the market for a new mattress and our aunt actually just bought one from Casper, so we may have to check those out! But it was still so nice to just relax with all the stress of getting decorations up, buying presents and still keeping up with with our day to day tasks.

2. Holiday PJs: These are a must but we haven’t even gotten all of our winter stuff down yet because it has been so warm. Next year, we hope we’ll have our Christmas PJs on. LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW!

3. Cookies & Cocoa: Who doesn’t love cookies and cocoa during Christmas? It’s the perfect time to say you’re just having them “for the holiday” when in actuality… they taste like HEAVEN *singing in a high pitched voice*!

4. Our pup: Honestly, there has always been something missing from holiday movie night and now we know what: Reagan! If there was an award for best overall cuddler she would win. Of course except when all 46.4 lbs of her is on your belly. But hey, she’s just trying to get comfy. 🙂

5: Christmas movie: So we went back and forth on what holiday movie we wanted to watch this year but we had to pick Elf. I mean who ever thought of Will Ferrell starring in a Christmas movie is a genius.


Now we challenge you! Take a break from the holiday craziness and spend a night in bed with your pup for your holiday movie night!


What’s your favorite holiday movie? Are you going to have a holiday movie night with your pup? What would you have?

Pre-surgery Prep: Rae gets spayed

So, Reagan is just about 6 months old which means the time for her to get spayed is upon us. The vet gave us a list of ways to prepare her. You know, the basics: no food past 8pm, no water in the morning, etc. But if you know us, you know we had our own checklist for after the surgery.

We really wanted to make sure Reagan was comfortable afterwards but our landlord didn’t let us install the six foot relaxation fountain so we had to go to plan B. 😉 Here are a few “must haves” from our checklist, which might I add, really worked for us:

1. Ice cubes. This is a nice way to keep your pup hydrated after the surgery. Reagan wouldn’t drink any water for a while so we made sure to have lots of ice cubes as a way to keep her hydrated.

2. Blankets. Reagan loves her bed so we added a bunch of our old blankets and T-shirts to help comfort her during the recovery. When we picked her up from the vet, she was really out of it and didn’t even wake up. Before that, she seemed on edge being in a foreign place. By adding our blankets and old T-shirts to her throne, we wanted her to know she was home the second she woke up! And believe it or not, we swear she was sleeping with a smile on her face!

3. Frosty Paws. Reagan has a sweet tooth and she get it from her mama! Once her appetite came back, she was all about those treats, bout those treats, no kibble! Sorry we’re no Megan Trainor. In our eyes, she went through a lot, so she can have all the ice cream she wants (we got that one from our mamas).

4. Time away from work. Some people take time off of work to go on a trip, some people take time off to care for their pup. The extra time by their side is needed. Also, the anesthesia wore off right before bedtime, which meant a whimpering pup in the wee hours. It was a long night for us, and an even longer night for our pup. A day to recover for all was not a bad idea.

5. Warm washcloths. An almost instant relief for our fuzzy girl came after placing a warm washcloth on her belly. We only did this for a few minutes at a time but think it helped! Obviously, we are no experts, but this worked for us!

Here are a few other big contributors to her recovery process that were not mentioned: the presence of her favorite stuffed animals, a strong person to carry her up and down the stairs, peanut butter, Kong, lots of wine!


Do you like our glasses? Thanks to our cousin Kayla for sending them! 🙂

And how could we forget the most important one? Lots of love for this baby girl!

Update: Reagan is almost through day 3 of recovery! There will be limited activity for the next ten days but this girl is doing great! We are happy to be through the hardest part of this and look forward to getting our energetic ball of fur back!

SPOTlight: Mister “Crazy and Lazy”

image3Name: Mister… Just Mister 🙂

Breed: Shepherd Pit Bull Mix

Age: 3-years-old

Born On: April 2012. The people who had the puppies weren’t sure of the day.

Zodiac Sign: Because of birthday uncertainty: zodiac unknown. Spirit animal is likely a cheetah because of his speed.

From: Rochester! Mister and his litter were an accident! His parents were gorgeous dogs. A heavy short stocky red pit bull is his father and his mother is a tiny all black shepherd. His litter were all fuzzy haired brown dogs. Mister was definitely the odd ball with short hair, a tan coat, and a black dipped tail.

Fun Fact: A hilarious but neurotic tendency Mister has is to chase reflections of light. Like a cat that chases a laser, Mister hits hard and fast. This may seem fun but it’s hazardous when your driving and your dog flies to the front of the car in effort to chase the sunshine. It can get a little spooky when your sitting in the kitchen and your dog is staring unblinking at the corner of the ceiling. Avoid wearing or using anything with sparkles, sequins, key chains, watches, cell phones. Also, the bucket of water for dishes is a large source of concern. Highly anticipating the results of Christmas ornaments and lights this year.

Favorite human food: Occasionally mixed salmon dog food with egg yolks and rice. Definitely loves the yolks.



Pet peeve: Mister loves almost all things. However, squirrels are the enemy. Known kill count: 1. Poor squirrel.

Biggest fear: Flags waving in the wind are scary for some reason.

In the yearbook he was voted: Most likely to be famous because of his good looks, athletics, and unique personality OR most attractive due to his athletic physique, many expressions, and amber eyes…


What is a normal day like for Mister? Walk us through a day in his life: 5 AM Up early (resistively) before Annie goes to work. Pee and eat. Before she’s even done making her coffee Mister is back in bed.

All day: Chill with Annie’s roommates. Mom’s home at 330! Bring her your rope toy! Yay!!! Long walk and fetch! Dinner! Cuddle! Bathroom before bed quick! Basically sleeping unless it’s walk and fetch after school with mom.

P.s. I would die for a kong filled with peanut butter

Do you agree with Mister’s tagline “Crazy and Lazy”? Are your dogs scared of anything weird like flags?

Do you want your dog to be featured in next month’s SPOTlight? Email us and tell us why at raebyday12@gmail.com!

Lights On The Lake: Dog Walk

Finally… I no longer have to dress my younger sister up as a dog for an excuse to attend this event. Because you know, Reagan.


Every year during the holiday season, the lake in our area transforms into a wintery wonderland known as Lights on the Lake. The two-mile park is decorated in colorful lights, flashy arches, and animated scenes. Before it opens for the holidays, they have a fun event called The Lights on the Lake Dog Walk. Instead of driving through the two-mile stretch of lights, you get to walk with your pup! There is even a $2 suggested donation that goes to the Humane Association. Obviously, we were all in.

Reagan went with her brother Finn, who has since developed a fear of Santa, Frosty the Snowman, the Gingerbread Man and quite possibly small children. It’s okay Finn, it’s perfectly normal to fear the jolliest man of all time who specializes in showering people with gifts. Perfectly fine.

(Someone’s getting coal)

This event was jam packed with pups. When we see another golden retriever, we are those people who stop, point, and start psychotically telling Reagan “That’s what you’re going to look like when you’re big!” The best part is when the owners of the other dog are doing exactly what we are doing except telling their dog, “That’s what you looked like when you were a baby!” Dog owners are the best. Crazy, but the best!


We couldn’t help but laugh at some of the reactions to the puppies. A lot of people would first see Reagan or Finn and instantly melt. When they’d find out there were two of them, it was over! It really is the cutest thing to see these two together. Well, when they are behaving that is!

We are all about these fun, local events! This was yet another great excuse to do something for Reagan and meet other crazy dog lovers.


Oh, and we had to end the night with frozen yogurt. I mean, Finn deserved a treat after being terrorized by Santa. Reagan, as always, was more than willing to help him finish his ice cream.