SPOTlight: Mister “Crazy and Lazy”

image3Name: Mister… Just Mister 🙂

Breed: Shepherd Pit Bull Mix

Age: 3-years-old

Born On: April 2012. The people who had the puppies weren’t sure of the day.

Zodiac Sign: Because of birthday uncertainty: zodiac unknown. Spirit animal is likely a cheetah because of his speed.

From: Rochester! Mister and his litter were an accident! His parents were gorgeous dogs. A heavy short stocky red pit bull is his father and his mother is a tiny all black shepherd. His litter were all fuzzy haired brown dogs. Mister was definitely the odd ball with short hair, a tan coat, and a black dipped tail.

Fun Fact: A hilarious but neurotic tendency Mister has is to chase reflections of light. Like a cat that chases a laser, Mister hits hard and fast. This may seem fun but it’s hazardous when your driving and your dog flies to the front of the car in effort to chase the sunshine. It can get a little spooky when your sitting in the kitchen and your dog is staring unblinking at the corner of the ceiling. Avoid wearing or using anything with sparkles, sequins, key chains, watches, cell phones. Also, the bucket of water for dishes is a large source of concern. Highly anticipating the results of Christmas ornaments and lights this year.

Favorite human food: Occasionally mixed salmon dog food with egg yolks and rice. Definitely loves the yolks.



Pet peeve: Mister loves almost all things. However, squirrels are the enemy. Known kill count: 1. Poor squirrel.

Biggest fear: Flags waving in the wind are scary for some reason.

In the yearbook he was voted: Most likely to be famous because of his good looks, athletics, and unique personality OR most attractive due to his athletic physique, many expressions, and amber eyes…


What is a normal day like for Mister? Walk us through a day in his life: 5 AM Up early (resistively) before Annie goes to work. Pee and eat. Before she’s even done making her coffee Mister is back in bed.

All day: Chill with Annie’s roommates. Mom’s home at 330! Bring her your rope toy! Yay!!! Long walk and fetch! Dinner! Cuddle! Bathroom before bed quick! Basically sleeping unless it’s walk and fetch after school with mom.

P.s. I would die for a kong filled with peanut butter

Do you agree with Mister’s tagline “Crazy and Lazy”? Are your dogs scared of anything weird like flags?

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SPOTlight: Finnigin MaGee

IMG_2343Name: Finnigin MaGee but most people call him Finn (he’s that super cool guy)

Breed: Golden Retriever

Age: 5 months

Born On: June 9 2015

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

From: Georgetown, NY

Fun Fact: Finn loves chasing after his human sister when she’s flying down the zip line. He has such a good time racing with her and it is too cute to watch! Who knows? In a few months, he may be able to even catch up with her!

Favorite human food: Vanilla ice cream. Check out Finn posing in an ad at the local fro yo spot in town! Watch out Bush’s Baked Beans dog, Finn is a rising star…


Pet peeve: Don’t blow on this guy’s ears. It makes him really mad!


Biggest fear: Laundry baskets

In the yearbook she was voted: Biggest cuddle bug

We seriously think this guy was a frat boy in a past life. He is super chill and has been in more snap chats than an 18 year old girl from New Jersey. If he were a human, he’d be captain of the lacrosse team and a frequent flyer at J Crew. He likes going up to his human sister’s college house and hanging with all the cool kids. We think all the girls have a crush on him and we can’t blame them. Hunky hunky! But since he is a big snuggly puppy and not an actual human, here is how he spends some of his favorite days.


Finn loves going for early morning walks around the neighborhood with his dad. His favorite part is when he gets to go off the leash. He does a really great job at staying close his to owner’s side and obeying each command. We can’t believe how trustworthy this guy is at only five months!


Finn was just recently introduced to the world of the hiking! With jumbo paws, climbing mountains came second nature for this sweet guy. The only thing better than a nice hike? The long car ride home afterwards. Finn loves curling up in the backseat and falling asleep to the sound of a rumbling car beneath him. Well, when he’s not snuggled up in a blanket and bed of course!


He also loves hanging with his “pack,” which is made up of Cali, Bailey, and his sister Reagan! Sidenote: We couldn’t help but notice that this clan is almost identical to the Subaru Family. What do you think?

IMG_5988 (1)

Finn started off as one of the smallest members of the pack but now we are thinking he might be the biggest! Mr. B, if you’re reading this, we’re sorry in advance! With lots of four legged and two legged friends, Finn is always having a good time. Even the neighbors can’t help but come out back and say hello to him. It’s a good thing he’ll curl right up against your chest or legs when he greets you! The whole neighborhood seems to enjoy watching him grow up. And let’s just say, no one can believe how fast it is happening!

What do you think of Mister Finnigin MaGee? Don’t you just want to cuddle him right up? 

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September SPOTlight: Riley

Please put your paws together for the pup in this month’s spot light, Riley, an athletic pit bull who would seriously shatter Air Bud’s vertical jump. All she needs is a Frisbee or a ball!


Name: Riley

Age: 2 years old

Born: September 13, 2013 (Where my virgos at!?)

Breed: Pit Bull Terrier

From: Philadelphia, PA


Riley was born way up north in the small town of Gouvernor, New York. Her owner drove six hours from Philadelphia, PA to pick her up, which explains Riley’s immediate love for car rides! She has become quite the little co-pilot for her mother, who is a police officer in Philly and is always on the go. Riley is a staff favorite at the pet friendly hotel they occasionally stay at too. She even gets treats from the front desk when they check in! If there is a survey, I think Riley is giving out all 5’s for that one!


Jess picking Riley up for the first time! Just look at those ears!

Fun Fact: Even though it’s cold outside, Riley’s favorite time of the year is winter. She loves catching snowflakes out of the air. It’s kind of a guilty pleasure but hey, she looks cute doing it!

Favorite human food: Pizza and Greek yogurt (she has good taste)

Pet peeve: No mani/pedis for this girl! She absolutely hates having her paws touched! Good thing she prefers a tennis ball over a spa day.


Biggest fear: the vacuum cleaner (seriously- what IS that thing?!)

In the yearbook she was voted: Most Athletic


Look at that Most Athletic winner smile. 🙂

When Riley isn’t dodging the vacuum, you will find her going for a long walk or at the park playing fetch with her favorite tennis ball or a soft Frisbee. This girl has some serious ups and can run forever. We are convinced she is the secret behind keeping her mom in shape and able to chase down the bad guys!

Now don’t be fooled here. Yeah, Riley can probably run circles around you and is crazy strong, but she is a total snuggle bug. She is actually kind of a blanket hog and prefers the whole head to toe sleeping arrangement. Because she’s cute, we’ll allow it.


Riley loves treats just as much as she loves her toys. She’ll be sure to give you two paws and lie down first though. Her absolute favorite treat is a special bone her mom picks up fresh from the butcher at the meat counter. Now that is treatment.


Soooo… athletic, playful, cuddle bug, and a cute face? No wonder why this girl fell into September’s SPOTlight. And be sure to wish Riley a happy belated birthday!

Happy 2nd Birthday Riley!

Happy 2nd Birthday Riley!

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SPOTlight: Cali

The August SPOTlight (again, minus the spots) belongs to…

Cali girl


Sometimes we are convinced that Cali thinks she is still a puppy! I mean, she was one cute pup so I don’t blame her! Don’t you agree?

Other times however she acts like a mature mother of 6. One moment she will be playing tug of war with her big bro Bailey and the next she’ll be crouched down at eye level with her energetic puppy cousins! We don’t know where Cali stores her switch but her constant change from puppy to adult is truly amazing.


When Cali is in puppy mode, you can find her being very playful with lots of licking and excitement towards her toys. This girl is a total cuddle bug (specifically in the morning when its time for her owners to wake up) and she definitely won’t make you ask twice for a kiss. In fact, you won’t even have to ask at all. If her owners are having a bad day, don’t worry that all changes once they get home to Cali. She insists on greeting them at the door and carrying something in her mouth to give to them as a gift. Her tail wags like crazy in these moments and it would be hard for anyone not to smile at her pure excitement.

On the other side of things, Cali has been spotted in a whole new light. Recently, we’ve seen her trying to teach her new puppy cousins the way of life. When she plays with dogs her size, she gives it 100%. But around the new puppies, you’ll find her going really easy with them, letting them jump on her, and trotting around the yard with toys to get them to interact. Cali is used to being the “little one” around her big brother. Now that the tables have turned, she loves being the “big” one around the puppies. If you ask us, she is a great role model!


From: Moravia, NY

Age: 2 years old (she is a Pisces)

Breed: Labrador retriever (Cali’s mom is a black lab and her dad is a yellow lab)

Favorite hobby: Basking in the sun. If there is a patch of sun creeping in through the window, Cali will find it! She also loves laying outside and catching rays… well, when she’s not swimming of course!


In the yearbook she was voted: Biggest cuddler

Biggest fear: Being left alone. Don’t worry though, her coping method includes snuggling up in her parent’s bed or propping her head on her big brother while they sleep.

Pet peeve: She hates being wet. In fact, she welcomes the hair dryer with open paws

Fun fact: Hearing the sirens from an ambulance makes her howl and sing like wild. Maybe she is secretly trying to tell her parents she wants to be a firedog?

Favorite human food: plain donuts (she is very popular in the Dunkin Donuts drive thru) or white cake with vanilla frosting (a treat she has come to love on her birthday)


Here are some more our favorite shots of Cali girl!

Cali loves her yearly birthday treat. What do you do for your dog on their special day? Do you think your pup would be perfect for a SPOTlight? Contact us and tell us why!

SPOTlight: Mista B aka Bailey

We’re starting a new SPOTlight post (minus the spots this time) where we will introduce you to a different dog each month! To finish out the month of July, we’re giving you guys a quick look at a pup so near and dear to our hearts!

Mista B! And no he’s not a rapper. In fact, he doesn’t show any signs of musical talent aside from his “baby cry” when he’s excited to see you. Mista B, formally known as Bailey, also requires a pillow to be in his mouth while he’s shakin his tail feather in excitement. Any other goldens do that?


We sat down with Bailey one on one to get to know the real him. You know, the heart and soul buried beneath that perfectly trimmed and fluffed coat of fur. Who are you Mista B?


From: Marcellus, NY

Age: 6

Breed: Purebred golden retriever

Favorite hobby: Swimming

In the yearbook he was voted: Most Attractive

Biggest fear: Thunderstorms

Pet peeve: When you wake him up


Favorite human food: Vanilla ice cream

Fav human food vanilla ice cream (and peanut butter is a close second).

Fav human food vanilla ice cream (and peanut butter is a close second).

Funny fact: After years of chasing squirrels, Bailey finally caught one. He was so freaked out by that thing squirming around in his mouth that he just dropped it right back in place! We actually think Bailey was more terrified than the squirrel…

He's rarely a bonehead

He’s rarely a bonehead

Bailey is known for his jumbo paws…

Mr. B's JUMBO paws

Mr. B’s JUMBO paws

…and calm demeanor. His favorite place to stand is right smack dab between your legs! He also loves cold floors and isn’t shy when it comes to snugging up to the nearest vent. Sometimes he’ll even plop right down in front of a fan, ears blowing back in the wind. It is actually quite beautiful. Speaking of beautiful, he is quite the romantic. You will often find him rolled over on his back admiring the stars. Or stopping to sniff the flowers on a walk.


He has been referred to as a lot of things: the calmest boy ever or the sweetest dog in the world. But we just know him as Bailey: the easy going, gentle guy who has a face that makes our hearts MELT! He rocks those puppy dog eyes and knows exactly how to work them to get what he wants. If he’s not swimming, playing with his sister Cali, or hanging outside enjoying the fresh air (in any season) then chances are he is close by at your feet napping or just hanging out.


Bailey with his sister Cali when she was just a pup.


Mr. B enjoying Green Beer Sunday with grown up Cali.

We think Bailey is one of the most loved dogs around…


…but maybe that’s just because we love him so much!


Here’s some more pics because we just couldn’t help but share!

Here are those puppy dog eyes we were telling you about

Here are those puppy dog eyes we were telling you about



“Wait did you say squirrel?”


Can be a great helper… ok only if you have food!

Do you think Mista B deserved Most Attractive? What do you think of these SPOTlights?