HOW TO: Tips When Renovating Your Kitchen

It’s been awhile since we’ve been posted.. Ok so like months but we have kept RaeByDay in the backs of our minds and have been wanting to give everyone an update. As you can see if you’ve read any of the posts on this site previously we bought a house! Not just any house but A FIXER UPPER, which pretty much explains where we’ve been. Who knew lawn work literally can take you an entire summer? We sure know now, along with what poison ivy looks and feels like… We’re going to share some updates with everyone on here with some tips on what we’ve learned. We wanted to highlight our biggest project: THE KITCHEN! There was a ton of planning and decision making that went along with renovating our dream kitchen that we wanted to share and highlight. Take a look at some of the top tips when renovating your kitchen and a look into the Before and After of ours!

1. Look to finance your project

One thing that everyone told us when we decided we wanted to buy a fixer upper is how expensive renovating a kitchen can be. However, a kitchen is the top selling item when home buyers are looking so it can be a smart investment. For our kitchen we looked into different financing options but finally decided on the Home Depot Project Loan. They gave is a credit line that worked with our budget and a 7.88% Fixed APR. It’s important to lay out the monthly payments and see if it fits your budget. Spreading out your payments and getting a low interest rate can be ideal when renovating your kitchen so we highly recommend looking into the Home Depot Project Loan!

2. Wait for a store deal

Since we got the Home Depot Project Loan we went through the store to purchase the cabinets and countertops. The good thing about Home Depot is they actually have designers that sit with you and design your kitchen based on your measurements. They actually give you a 3D view of what your kitchen will look like after you pick your cabinets and countertop.


Another great thing about purchasing through Home Depot is they have seasonal deals on big purchases like cabinets/countertops. When we were designing our kitchen the HD employee actually recommended we hold off on purchasing for a month because there will be a 20% off all kitchen cabinets and countertops. This literally saved us almost $1000! So if you’re in the market for a big item, definitely check out what Home Depot has to offer or even stop in the store and ask about upcoming deals .


This was HUGE for us and it happens every year. For Black Friday, Home Depot like many other stores post massive savings on big items. Therefore, because we knew we were about to purchase the fixer upper we took a little risk and ended up buying a suite of appliances at an extreme discount. We really recommend timing out your renovation for around end of fall/early winter so you can catch some great deals!

4. It’s worth splurging a bit on cabinet extras

When designing your kitchen at Home Depot, they will ask you what types of cabinets you want for not only a design perspective but for functionality. There are little improvements you can purchase for a little extra that will literally be LIFE CHANGING. Below is a list of the extra items we got when purchasing are cabinets. #NoRagrets

  1. Trash drawer: We have our trash can built into our kitchen island as a pull out cabinet. This allows to easily access when cleaning or throwing things away. It’s also just like cool…
  2. Pull-out drawer with shelves for pots: Instead of just having our pots thrown into shelves, we got a cabinet that made the shelves a drawer so when you open the cabinet you can pull out the shelf for better accessibility and organization.
    Spice rack: This is a tiny cabinet that we absolutely love! It lets us organize all of our spices rather than just tossing in a “baking” cabinet. The spices are easy to find and very accessible.
  3. Pan cabinet: This is another tiny cabinet that actually pulls out and organizes your pan. If you just have a small cabinet you put your pans in now, you know how annoying it can be to find the actual pan you’re looking for without everything spilling out. We love this little cabinet that improves organization and accessibility that is conveniently right by our oven! 🙂
  4. Lazy susan: Whoever Susan is that invented this amazing contraption, WE LOVE YOU! The lazy susan is well worth the price. You can fit SO much in this cabinet and it’s so easy to access everything. I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t buy a lazy susan when renovating. This is a MUST!
  5. Molding: Little touches can make a huge difference. When the designer asked if we wanted molding we were a little unsure because of course everything comes with a price but we are so glad we added it. It just adds that design element to your kitchen and really makes a big difference.

5. Check to Purchase Online

I know we’ve talked about how much we love Home Depot but we definitely recommend shopping around to ensure you’re getting the best price possible. We got two great deals by just researching online.

First was our sink. We really wanted a big farmhouse sink but when we went to Home Depot they ranged from around $1k-$3k, which was way out of our price range. So we dug around online and ended up finding a stainless steel farmhouse sink on Wayfair marked down around 60%! We read the reviews and knew it was it. They shipped it right to our house and we are so happy with the look and we got it for a great price!

Second was the hardware for the cabinets. We originally were just going to purchase from Home Depot but realized the cost quickly added up for the stainless steel bars we wanted. While we were in the store I just searched on Amazon quickly to see if there was any stainless steel hardware in bulk on there and found they were WAY cheaper. We ended up saving around $40 by purchasing on Amazon. Oh and they came in 2 days! 🙂

Overall, this is only a short list of everything we learned when renovating our kitchen. There are so many decisions you’ll have to make but we really just recommend taking your time and researching everything. There are resources everywhere that can help you along with each stage of the process, similar to this blog post. If you are planning on renovating your kitchen or even purchasing a fixer upper feel free to reach out to us! 🙂 Now enjoy some of our before and after pictures…

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