RaeByDay Goes Lifestyle

As most of you know, a new beginning is what inspired us to start blogging: becoming dog parents. What a life changing thing to do! Over time that beginning phase slowly weaved its way around and became a part of everyday life. What this taught us is that life is a series of new beginnings. That’s what we’re here to talk about now; all those tiny moments that will look so much bigger in the rearview.

We know we have been off our blogging game for a bit but now we’re back, better than ever moving more into a lifestyle direction with RaeByDay. In our twenty something years on earth, we’ve found that life’s biggest adventures started and are starting with those beginnings, those moments, those trips, that first  $25 deposited into a savings account, the first little stamp in your Passport, the first time trying a Paleo diet and wanting to sell your soul for a Wendy’s cheeseburger, everything! So, if you’re happy with something in your life, take a look back because chances are it began as a little seed, a tiny beginning, an idea. We’re here to share those stories with you, big and small, along with tips for a little bit of everything: house hunting, trip planning, eating right, eating wrong, tips for pet owners, book reviews, house renovations (stand by), sports talk, everything! Follow along and we’ll promise not to give away our ending.


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