How to cope with puppy fever

If your life is anything like ours, all of your friends are getting puppies and you’re not handling it very well at all because you want one. Now we know how other people felt towards us when we brought Reagan home almost a year ago- WHAT? So yes, she is still a puppy, but not REALLY. Long story short, we have puppy fever. And we have it bad. Does it ever really go away though? We don’t think so. Here’s how to cope…

1. Stalk all of your friends with puppies. And I mean, you need to go all in on this. Really commit or don’t even bother. Beg your friend to hang out 24/7, offer to dog sit, ask if you can borrow something from them (like a shirt) but then take their puppy instead. Let us know how the last one goes….. Check out Rae’s newest friend Mila on her mom’s blog Pints of Life and this cute shot of them from this weekend!


2. Search the web. If you’re reading this there’s a good chance you’ve typed “golden retriever puppy” into your google search bar before. But don’t stop there. Exhaust all options: Pinterest, Instagram, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, YOUTUBE! The only thing better than golden retriever puppy pictures are golden retriever videos. Uh, so we’ve heard. Warning: this suggestion may back fire and increase puppy fever. View at your own risk. This is one of our favorites you HAVE to see if you haven’t yet.

3. Excuse our shameless plug but for immediate relief check out our Instagram @the_golden_rules. Guaranteed cute puppy pics. Just sayin.


4. Set an alarm clock. This should help deter some feelings. Just go ahead and set your alarm for 2AM, 4AM,6AM, etc. and remember that’s the time you’d be dragging yourself out of bed every day to tend to your little pooch! Who likes sleeping? Guilty. Your puppy will set out each and every day to make sure a good night’s sleep isn’t in the cards for you. Nighty night…. NOT!


5. Forget everything you just read in this post. Throw your caution to the WIND, forget everything we just said, and get a puppy. I mean come on, 2 is better than 1 after all, right? We’re already talking about a sister for Reagan. It’s in our three year plan (wah- I want her now though.) But we are being “responsible” and waiting because she still is a puppy herself. For those of who can and are able to give a pup a home, DO IT! We support you! No, we encourage you! And then be sure to send us pictures. It really is like Happy Hour- 2 is always better than 1! Who’s thirsty?

So if you’re like us, you always want a puppy but you know the times not right. Hopefully these tips helped you or at least made you laugh. It’s a hard life but we know the time will be right again one day just like it was when we brought Reagan home… In the meantime, can we borrow a T-shirt?


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