4 April Fools Jokes To Play With Your Dog

1. Fake poop

I’d say this one is a classic prank. You can purchase “fake dog poop” from any prankster site. Once purchased, simply stash the fake poop in your victim’s bed, on a rug, on a counter top, on the couch, etc. Placement will depend on your victim’s most frequently visited spots. Prank at your own risk.


2. Dog swap

This one will require one spare pooch. How to dog swap: enter victim’s home, swap their dog with your dog, leave house with their dog. Wait, is that kidnapping? We’ll get back to you on that topic… possibly from a jail cell. This prank will work a lot better if the dogs you are swapping out are from the same breed, have similar coats or faces. Lucky for us, Reagan and Finn look just alike. So we will be implementing this one later today. Sorry, mom. Good thing you don’t read this thing anyways! Warning: to avoid arrest, make sure you are dog swapping with someone you know.


3. Dog Park Lies

It’s April. That means the snow should be gone and there is a good chance you’re heading to the dog park later. When you’re there, you’ll likely get chatting with other dog owners. Insert “dog park lies” here. You’ll ask what type of dog they have, how old, you know typical speed dating, er I mean, dog park questions. When you’re asked what type of dog you have, lie. Maybe you have an obvious golden retriever (guilty) but tell them that she’s a dachshund mix. Don’t stop there. If your dog is a sugar face, maybe tell them she’s six months old. Before you leave, drop the mic, and tell them April Fools. But don’t forget to grab your dog on the way out…


4. Here, try this

I’d say this prank is EXPERT level. It is going to require some serious blood, sweat, and tears but if you are still reading something tells me you are a force to be reckoned with. We’ve posted before about the making homemade dog treats with all natural ingredients that even a human could eat. But they probably wouldn’t taste very good and who would ever try one? Definitely not us… But back to the prank, when making your treat do two versions that look the same. One dog treat and one human cookie, like we said EXPERT level. Then invite some of your friends over for a get-together with their dogs (great excuse to have a party). First, when everyone is just hanging out, hand out baggies with the treats in them and include a recipe with really weird ingredients (beef liver, chicken broth with peanut butter, chicken giblets, etc). Next step, tell your pup to sit and give them a treat. Then, immediately following take one (make sure it’s a human cookie… or you can have a dog treat if you’re actually into them.. *cough* FREAK *cough*) and eat it. The best part, then tell them to try one too and mention how they’re SUPER healthy for humans. After that the only thing left to do is sit back and watch their expressions fall into a fearful frown.


Before you leave, if you’ve never heard of the company ThirdLove, you definitely need to check out their dog bra collection! #hilarious

Let us know if you try any of these out today. If you can, snag some video! 🙂 What are your doing for April Fools? Any dog pranks?


4 thoughts on “4 April Fools Jokes To Play With Your Dog

  1. Miss Harper Lee says:

    Can’t wait to hear how your dog swap went. When Tallulah was six months old, we got together with all of her puppy siblings for a play date. Thank goodness she was wearing a collar, or we might have gone home with the wrong dog!


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