7 Dog Products You Never Knew You Needed

Have you ever wished you could text your pup? Or even just facetime them so you could see their cute fluffy face. Well, we say this all the time. Like literally every time we’re apart… So our mouths dropped when we were watching Chelsea Handler’s new show on Netflix, Chelsea Does, and they featured this amazing product called PetChatz. (Less amazing after seeing that $350.00 price point :p). But anyways… it allows you to video or audio call your pet through your phone with the ability to give them treats or release a particular scent. How freaken cool!?

1. PetChatz


This got us thinking about all the ingenious products we have seen and wanted to buy so here they are:

2. Dog Umbrella


This dog umbrella by Happy Pet Travel would be PERFECT for Reagan! She hates getting wet from the rain and it would make it easier for us to go on walks without having to squeeze 2 quarts of water out of her fur. 🙂

3. Paw Wash



This Paw Wash product that makes sure the mud and dirt stays outside and not inside. It can be so tricky to get all the dirt out of Rae’s paws, this product would be a rug saver!

4. Doggie Car Organizer


This High Road Wag’nRide Doggie Car Organizer would be an amazing purchase to keep everything organized in the car for only $19.99. It’s also smart to have some extra bones, treats and poop bags on hand whenever you may need them! What better place than the car!

5. Zip N Go Pet Bed

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 1.56.23 PM

On the subject of travel, this Petmade Zip N Go Pet Bed would be perfect for road trips and save room in the trunk. Carrying a pet bed can also be the biggest pain when you’re unloading your car! It’s a little pricey at $47 but can definitely save some time and space for road trips with your pup.

6. Scents of Security dog toy

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 1.54.42 PM

Petlinks came out with this Scents of Security dog toy, not only is it an amazing name but an incredible idea. You can put a piece of your clothing in the toy with your natural scent to ease separation anxiety, stress, boredom and destructive behavior. It’s a little pricey for a dog toy at $21.49 but with the effects it’s promising it’s definitely worth checking out.

7. Whistle, the Fitbit for Dogs


We recently got fitbits for ourselves, which actually made us partly insane about getting our steps in and hitting our goals! This Buzzfeed article pretty much sums up how we feel about our fitbits… aka “insane”.We have debated putting the fitbit on Reagan to see how many steps she would get in a day and after researching it there is actually a dog fitbit called Whistle. Not only does it look super modern and cool but it tracks your dogs activity and location, which you can check right through the Whistle app on your phone. Not sure if we want some more step competition, especially from Rae but at $79 we’re really thinking about purchasing this awesome product!

We want to try all of these products, if only they’re were all cheap!

Have any of you tried these products? Would you try these products? What would be on your list?


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