Progress Report for National Puppy Day!

Fellow blog friends, you have failed us! How come you didn’t tell us getting a puppy would make it so hard to find time to blog? Oh wait, maybe some of you did warn us. Our bad!

We miss you all and hope you miss us too. Here is a progress report on Reagan, you know, that cute blonde who loves mud masks and eating organic (sticks and leaves to be exact).

She is 9 months old now. Who knew time would go so fast? Okay, okay, maybe you warned us about that too. We promise to start listening to you more.


Since it is now Spring, Reagan has officially experienced all four seasons and it’s been a blast watching her grow. It seems like her favorite time of the year is winter with cold temperatures and lots of snow to play in. Personally we can’t wait for summer so she can go swimming again! Her doggie paddle was no joke when she was just a young  buck. Now that she’s bigger we’re really hoping to see some Olympic worthy strokes out of her. Said every sports mom ever? We think she’ll like this next season of Spring too… It means lots of time outside at mom’s kickball games, trips to the park, and plenty of play dates!

While she is starting to look more and more like an adult, she still is very much in a puppy stage! Can someone find a way to make puppy fur last forever? Asking for a friend… It is a lot of fun to see her grow into her personality and understand commands and training though.

For those of you who have been with us from the beginning, we hope you enjoy these side by side photos! They really do grow up too fast!



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