Reagan’s Top 5 Favorite Things About Winter

We are sorry for our lack of posting! We have had such a busy start to the new year. All good things though. 🙂 We have made it one of our resolutions to get back to blogging and posting more often!

We did have time to sit down with our very own Reagan Blue for a one on one interview to find out her TOP FIVE favorite things about winter. Since she kind of just sat and stared at us after every question, she wasn’t exactly cooperative in her communications. Don’t worry though, we did our best to translate her message. Check out Reagan’s top 5 favorite things about winter:

1. Chilly weather. So much for our dream of moving down south. Our little fluff ball hates the heat! If it’s hot outside, she wants nothing to do with it. Unlike her mamas, okay mama, she is loving this cold weather! Most days it’s hard to get her inside. If only we could all have such a stylish coat as her. Well Reagan enjoy, we’ll just be over here inside in fuzzy robes watching you from the window.

2. The ever stylish snow ‘stache. It’s like she has to dunk her face into the snow before taking more than two steps outside. Hence, the snow ‘stache. Honorable mention: the snow beard, the snow goatee, and the snow helmet.

3. Catching snow balls. Okay, trying to catch snow balls. While Reagan hasn’t quite grasped the concept yet, it is super cute watching her try to figure out where these disappear to when she doesn’t make the catch, which is, well, pretty freaking often. We’re losing hope here…


4. Making her own paths. You would seriously think she is building a new highway system if you saw her out back making her own little paths through the snow. Once she’s done laying the ground work, she loves running along them. If only we could train her to do this in the driveway to our cars… Just sayin.


5. The belly flop. Like most of us, it didn’t take long for Reagan to learn that jumping and falling into the snow doesn’t hurt. One day, we peaked into the back yard to see her brother jumping off the highest stairs from the deck into a pile of snow. Dogs Gone Wild, anyone? Reagan loves doing this too, although she’s not quite brave enough to jump from the highest step yet.


Stay warm everyone! Especially if your pup loves this time of year as much as ours!


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