Reagan’s First Christmas

We’re pretty sure the highlight of our 2015 is kind of obvious. If you’re not sure what we’re referring to, we’ll give you a hint: it is fluffy, enjoys running in circles, can be slobbery at times. If that didn’t point you to our pup Reagan, we’d love to meet anyone else who meets this description.

Anyways, we don’t want to spend time telling you that Reagan was the highlight of our year. You already know that. Instead, we’d like to tell you about the highlight of hers! She isn’t really one to talk about herself but after some prying she finally admitted that the highlight of her 2015 was… ready… I know you can’t wait…





Reagan had her spay surgery at the end of November so she spent a few weeks cooped up and taking it easy in recovery. When she finally got her stitches out and the OK from her vet, Christmas mode was in full force. We started by taking her along with us to pick out our Christmas tree. She had a great time and insisted on showing everyone her new scar by plopping down on her back and asking for belly rubs. This was such a great day for our little lady but she did get kind of annoyed at how long it was taking Mama C to put the tree on the car…

Reagan was not so sure why the tree got to come inside with us. We did catch her chewing on the branches a few times but we managed to get through our first Christmas without a single broken bulb.


After all the Christmas shopping was done, she was more than willing to lend a paw and help us wrap. Although her technique was a little less than effective and mostly consisted of her lying on the wrapping paper, we let it slide and appreciated the help anyways.


In the days leading up to Christmas, Reagan also helped her mamas bake Christmas treats for all her furry friends! Once they were baked and cut into “bone” shapes, we went for a nice walk and delivered them to a bunch of four legged friends. Okay, and maybe Reagan kept a few for herself… We will share this awesome and easy recipe with you later on!


If this wasn’t already enough to be her favorite time of the year, Reagan also participated in Secret Santa with her brother Finn and two cousins Mr. B and Cali! Since the exchange has already happened, we can tell you that Reagan drew Cali’s name, which was perfect because Cali is pretty much Reagan’s role model. Her brother Finn drew Reagan’s name and spoiled her with some treats and new toys! Mr. B was too excited to open his gifts and blew us all away with his ability to open the gifts on his own. Check out the crew in their Christmas outfits:




When Christmas morning rolled around, Reagan was, well, a kid on a Christmas! She went right to her new bed that was tucked under the tree but she didn’t stay there long once she realized there were more gifts for her. Her favorite one? A light up ball that has managed to turn our retriever into a retriever! Santa also brought her a huge hedgehog since her first toy she played with at home as a puppy was her little hedgie! Lots of bones, treats, and chew toys were quickly piled up on her bed and we didn’t see much of her after that…



We hope everyone had a very Happy Holiday and a fresh start to the New Year!

We want to hear from you! Please comment below:

How was your pups Christmas? Have you ever done a dog secret santa?


7 thoughts on “Reagan’s First Christmas

  1. Amy Worthington says:

    Worthington’s made the blog! I love it! The pic with the boys and Rae is adorable! All 3 of my guys love Rae and she was ALMOST abducted. Your blog is so entertaining! I love to read the doggie stories and the photos are the best. Pups are truly family members. Kahlua, still after 14 yrs, runs to her stocking, scratching and barking until she retrieves her treats! You two are the best pup parents ever! Love ya’s!


    • raebyday says:

      Thank you! We did take pictures of the best batch 😜 We’re going to post more on the recipe soon! Reagan loved the treats and they were really simple. So glad Jaxson liked the tree too and didn’t pee on it! We hope you had a fun time picking it out with Jaxson and your daughter!


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