Rae’s first: Christmas Tree

During Christmas time we have a lot of lines on our to-do list: holiday parties, buying presents, Christmas movie night and of course decorating! This year we were a little delayed on getting our tree because we wanted to make sure Rae was fully recovered from her surgery to truly enjoy one of our favorite Christmas time activities.


This year we decided to get our tree from Home Depot since it was easy and Rae could go! She loved it. The amount of love and compliments she got from employees and customers didn’t hurt though. 🙂 Seriously, it was like every dog lover in Upstate NY was at Home Depot picking out a tree too. We even met someone that got a golden retriever from the other litter at Tranquility, the breeder we got Rae in Georgetown, NY. Also, when we walked out, one of the employees mentioned he had a golden retriever and we even got to see some adorable pics! We figured this was a sure sign we got the perfect tree.

Reagan was very curious when we first started picking out trees. We tried to get her to help us pick one but every tree we passed intrigued her. But, as you can see below she was an excellent poser to capture some memories!

After we found our perfect tree, we struggled a bit to get it properly latched on to our car. Reagan was interested at first but got a little impatient…

Finally, we got our tree (we call her Tina) home and started decorating. Rae thought every single bulb was a toy or was out to get her. It was hysterical. She was laying down in her playful stance barking at the bulbs on the tree. It was pretty cute but she quickly got over it. Now, we just catch her casually chewing on Tina when we can’t find her.

Now we can’t wait for Christmas morning to put her presents out! We tried to sneak her new bed upstairs but she is so sneaky and may have gotten a peak…

Overall, just like our Holiday Movie Night we were so happy to have Reagan experience another of our Christmas traditions.

We want to hear from you! What are your holiday traditions? Did you take you pets to pick out your tree this year?


3 thoughts on “Rae’s first: Christmas Tree

  1. Groovy Goldendoodles says:

    This will be Jax’s first Christmas too #soexcited Haven’t gotten a tree yet, human daughter comes into town on Monday, so we’re waiting for her to arrive. I can only imagine the craziness when he sees us bring a tree indoors. Your post gives me hope that Jax will be an angel like Reagan. Merry Christmas


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