Holiday Movie Night with Rae

Cookies + Cocoa + Reagan + Elf the Movie = BEST MOVIE NIGHT EVER!

We love movie nights, especially around Christmas, where we will literally watch any movie with “Christmas” in the title. You know those holiday movies on Netflix that you’ve never heard of that are so bad, but SO good. Yeah… they’re our guilty pleasure this season.

We started a list of movies we wanted to watch but haven’t actually had our official holiday movie night with everything you want during Christmas. With this handy checklist from Casper, we were all set up for our annual holiday movie night (even though it was 54 degrees in Upstate NY).


1. Comfy spot: We just got a new fleece duvet cover and this was the perfect excuse to hang out all night in bed! We’re in the market for a new mattress and our aunt actually just bought one from Casper, so we may have to check those out! But it was still so nice to just relax with all the stress of getting decorations up, buying presents and still keeping up with with our day to day tasks.

2. Holiday PJs: These are a must but we haven’t even gotten all of our winter stuff down yet because it has been so warm. Next year, we hope we’ll have our Christmas PJs on. LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW!

3. Cookies & Cocoa: Who doesn’t love cookies and cocoa during Christmas? It’s the perfect time to say you’re just having them “for the holiday” when in actuality… they taste like HEAVEN *singing in a high pitched voice*!

4. Our pup: Honestly, there has always been something missing from holiday movie night and now we know what: Reagan! If there was an award for best overall cuddler she would win. Of course except when all 46.4 lbs of her is on your belly. But hey, she’s just trying to get comfy. 🙂

5: Christmas movie: So we went back and forth on what holiday movie we wanted to watch this year but we had to pick Elf. I mean who ever thought of Will Ferrell starring in a Christmas movie is a genius.


Now we challenge you! Take a break from the holiday craziness and spend a night in bed with your pup for your holiday movie night!


What’s your favorite holiday movie? Are you going to have a holiday movie night with your pup? What would you have?


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