Pre-surgery Prep: Rae gets spayed

So, Reagan is just about 6 months old which means the time for her to get spayed is upon us. The vet gave us a list of ways to prepare her. You know, the basics: no food past 8pm, no water in the morning, etc. But if you know us, you know we had our own checklist for after the surgery.

We really wanted to make sure Reagan was comfortable afterwards but our landlord didn’t let us install the six foot relaxation fountain so we had to go to plan B. 😉 Here are a few “must haves” from our checklist, which might I add, really worked for us:

1. Ice cubes. This is a nice way to keep your pup hydrated after the surgery. Reagan wouldn’t drink any water for a while so we made sure to have lots of ice cubes as a way to keep her hydrated.

2. Blankets. Reagan loves her bed so we added a bunch of our old blankets and T-shirts to help comfort her during the recovery. When we picked her up from the vet, she was really out of it and didn’t even wake up. Before that, she seemed on edge being in a foreign place. By adding our blankets and old T-shirts to her throne, we wanted her to know she was home the second she woke up! And believe it or not, we swear she was sleeping with a smile on her face!

3. Frosty Paws. Reagan has a sweet tooth and she get it from her mama! Once her appetite came back, she was all about those treats, bout those treats, no kibble! Sorry we’re no Megan Trainor. In our eyes, she went through a lot, so she can have all the ice cream she wants (we got that one from our mamas).

4. Time away from work. Some people take time off of work to go on a trip, some people take time off to care for their pup. The extra time by their side is needed. Also, the anesthesia wore off right before bedtime, which meant a whimpering pup in the wee hours. It was a long night for us, and an even longer night for our pup. A day to recover for all was not a bad idea.

5. Warm washcloths. An almost instant relief for our fuzzy girl came after placing a warm washcloth on her belly. We only did this for a few minutes at a time but think it helped! Obviously, we are no experts, but this worked for us!

Here are a few other big contributors to her recovery process that were not mentioned: the presence of her favorite stuffed animals, a strong person to carry her up and down the stairs, peanut butter, Kong, lots of wine!


Do you like our glasses? Thanks to our cousin Kayla for sending them! 🙂

And how could we forget the most important one? Lots of love for this baby girl!

Update: Reagan is almost through day 3 of recovery! There will be limited activity for the next ten days but this girl is doing great! We are happy to be through the hardest part of this and look forward to getting our energetic ball of fur back!


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