SPOTlight: Mister “Crazy and Lazy”

image3Name: Mister… Just Mister 🙂

Breed: Shepherd Pit Bull Mix

Age: 3-years-old

Born On: April 2012. The people who had the puppies weren’t sure of the day.

Zodiac Sign: Because of birthday uncertainty: zodiac unknown. Spirit animal is likely a cheetah because of his speed.

From: Rochester! Mister and his litter were an accident! His parents were gorgeous dogs. A heavy short stocky red pit bull is his father and his mother is a tiny all black shepherd. His litter were all fuzzy haired brown dogs. Mister was definitely the odd ball with short hair, a tan coat, and a black dipped tail.

Fun Fact: A hilarious but neurotic tendency Mister has is to chase reflections of light. Like a cat that chases a laser, Mister hits hard and fast. This may seem fun but it’s hazardous when your driving and your dog flies to the front of the car in effort to chase the sunshine. It can get a little spooky when your sitting in the kitchen and your dog is staring unblinking at the corner of the ceiling. Avoid wearing or using anything with sparkles, sequins, key chains, watches, cell phones. Also, the bucket of water for dishes is a large source of concern. Highly anticipating the results of Christmas ornaments and lights this year.

Favorite human food: Occasionally mixed salmon dog food with egg yolks and rice. Definitely loves the yolks.



Pet peeve: Mister loves almost all things. However, squirrels are the enemy. Known kill count: 1. Poor squirrel.

Biggest fear: Flags waving in the wind are scary for some reason.

In the yearbook he was voted: Most likely to be famous because of his good looks, athletics, and unique personality OR most attractive due to his athletic physique, many expressions, and amber eyes…


What is a normal day like for Mister? Walk us through a day in his life: 5 AM Up early (resistively) before Annie goes to work. Pee and eat. Before she’s even done making her coffee Mister is back in bed.

All day: Chill with Annie’s roommates. Mom’s home at 330! Bring her your rope toy! Yay!!! Long walk and fetch! Dinner! Cuddle! Bathroom before bed quick! Basically sleeping unless it’s walk and fetch after school with mom.

P.s. I would die for a kong filled with peanut butter

Do you agree with Mister’s tagline “Crazy and Lazy”? Are your dogs scared of anything weird like flags?

Do you want your dog to be featured in next month’s SPOTlight? Email us and tell us why at!


2 thoughts on “SPOTlight: Mister “Crazy and Lazy”

  1. Groovy Goldendoodles says:

    Jax doesn’t seem to be too fond of flapping flags either. but his new joy gives me great pain – he seems to like to run after leaves blowing on the ground, and with my hand on the other end of the leash I’m flying across the street like Raggedy Ann.


    • raebyday says:

      Rae does the exact same thing! When the leaves started falling she spent about 30 mins in the back yard pouncing on each one! We agree, not so fun on walks though. We can’t wait to see her with the feet of snow we get in upstate NY!


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