Lights On The Lake: Dog Walk

Finally… I no longer have to dress my younger sister up as a dog for an excuse to attend this event. Because you know, Reagan.


Every year during the holiday season, the lake in our area transforms into a wintery wonderland known as Lights on the Lake. The two-mile park is decorated in colorful lights, flashy arches, and animated scenes. Before it opens for the holidays, they have a fun event called The Lights on the Lake Dog Walk. Instead of driving through the two-mile stretch of lights, you get to walk with your pup! There is even a $2 suggested donation that goes to the Humane Association. Obviously, we were all in.

Reagan went with her brother Finn, who has since developed a fear of Santa, Frosty the Snowman, the Gingerbread Man and quite possibly small children. It’s okay Finn, it’s perfectly normal to fear the jolliest man of all time who specializes in showering people with gifts. Perfectly fine.

(Someone’s getting coal)

This event was jam packed with pups. When we see another golden retriever, we are those people who stop, point, and start psychotically telling Reagan “That’s what you’re going to look like when you’re big!” The best part is when the owners of the other dog are doing exactly what we are doing except telling their dog, “That’s what you looked like when you were a baby!” Dog owners are the best. Crazy, but the best!


We couldn’t help but laugh at some of the reactions to the puppies. A lot of people would first see Reagan or Finn and instantly melt. When they’d find out there were two of them, it was over! It really is the cutest thing to see these two together. Well, when they are behaving that is!

We are all about these fun, local events! This was yet another great excuse to do something for Reagan and meet other crazy dog lovers.


Oh, and we had to end the night with frozen yogurt. I mean, Finn deserved a treat after being terrorized by Santa. Reagan, as always, was more than willing to help him finish his ice cream.



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