Reagan’s New BFF

We’re really excited to share that our little pup has been socializing with other dogs quite well! In fact she’s just become BFF with a new dog. This new friend of Reagan’s actually lives really close by. In fact, she is everywhere Reagan goes. She lives in the reflection of all windows or mirrors, looks exactly like Reagan, and even moves in the same way as her! We call her Regina. And Reagan has not quite figured her out yet. Or why she’s always around copying Reagan’s every move.

Aside from Regina being a total stalker, we’re really excited Reagan has made a friend! We’re even more pumped to find out that there isn’t something outside the window causing Reagan to bark and go nuts. I guess the bulk order of night lights and ghost hunting equipment can be returned.

So… Meet Regina, Reagan’s new BFF who is quite clingy. Here, we’ve even in zoomed in for you in case you don’t notice her at first. She is creepy like that.

IMG_2048IMG_2048 copy


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