Reagan’s First Halloween: Our Little Pup-kin Farmer

We think Reagan is quite confused about this whole Halloween thing.

“What is this weird holiday? Why are my moms stabbing pumpkins with jagged knives? Why did my mom put a paw print on that small pumpkin? Wha… wha… What is going over my head? Why am I in a flannel?! Mom!!? What is this thing on my head? Why are you taking photos? MOM!? WHY AM I ON A STAGE!?!”


That’s right… we took Reagan to her very first Halloween pet costume contest! Unfortunately we are not writing this post from the winner’s circle but we still had a great time! Ugh. They made us say that. We are actually very bitter over this loss.

We entered Reagan into the “Cutest” category. She pranced across stage, laid right in front of the judges with her head on her paws and stared them down with the biggest puppy eyes you can imagine. How does that face not win? Okay, fine. Maybe we are biased… I guess we should go track down that doodle dressed as a french maid and apologize now…

In all seriousness, this competition was pretty intense. The other categories were Pet/ Owner Combo, Most Original, Group costume, Pop Culture, and Most Unique Pet. Here are a couple of our favorites from the more competitive categories. I mean, you all know who our favorite from the Cutest category was.

People prepare for this competition for months in advance! And it shows… We were blown away by the creativity and intensity of these costumes. Intensity, insanity, one of the two.

A yellow lab dressed as Donald Trump may have been our absolute favorite. We weren’t able to grab a picture because he had quite the entourage around him and our ability to secretly take pictures from a far was obviously lacking.  

There were some crazy animals entered into the Most Unique Pet category. There was a ferret dressed as a tootsie roll, a hedgehog dressed as a pin cushion (our favorite), a donkey dressed as bat man, and a pig dressed as bacon and eggs. You can check out the recap from Ted & Amy’s 93Q Pet Costume Contest on their site here. Reagan even made the site! 

Looks like we’ll have to step up our game next year. Or maybe add a ridiculous pet to our family so we can take over the Most Unique Pet category. We’ve always wanted a pet squirrel after all.

We want to hear what you were for halloween! Did you see any crazy creative costumes like us?


4 thoughts on “Reagan’s First Halloween: Our Little Pup-kin Farmer

  1. Margaret condeni says:

    I would like to have a word or two with these judges!!! It looks like so much fun. It looks packed with pets and owners and I can’t believe the displays and costumes. Thanks for pics!


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