SPOTlight: Finnigin MaGee

IMG_2343Name: Finnigin MaGee but most people call him Finn (he’s that super cool guy)

Breed: Golden Retriever

Age: 5 months

Born On: June 9 2015

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

From: Georgetown, NY

Fun Fact: Finn loves chasing after his human sister when she’s flying down the zip line. He has such a good time racing with her and it is too cute to watch! Who knows? In a few months, he may be able to even catch up with her!

Favorite human food: Vanilla ice cream. Check out Finn posing in an ad at the local fro yo spot in town! Watch out Bush’s Baked Beans dog, Finn is a rising star…


Pet peeve: Don’t blow on this guy’s ears. It makes him really mad!


Biggest fear: Laundry baskets

In the yearbook she was voted: Biggest cuddle bug

We seriously think this guy was a frat boy in a past life. He is super chill and has been in more snap chats than an 18 year old girl from New Jersey. If he were a human, he’d be captain of the lacrosse team and a frequent flyer at J Crew. He likes going up to his human sister’s college house and hanging with all the cool kids. We think all the girls have a crush on him and we can’t blame them. Hunky hunky! But since he is a big snuggly puppy and not an actual human, here is how he spends some of his favorite days.


Finn loves going for early morning walks around the neighborhood with his dad. His favorite part is when he gets to go off the leash. He does a really great job at staying close his to owner’s side and obeying each command. We can’t believe how trustworthy this guy is at only five months!


Finn was just recently introduced to the world of the hiking! With jumbo paws, climbing mountains came second nature for this sweet guy. The only thing better than a nice hike? The long car ride home afterwards. Finn loves curling up in the backseat and falling asleep to the sound of a rumbling car beneath him. Well, when he’s not snuggled up in a blanket and bed of course!


He also loves hanging with his “pack,” which is made up of Cali, Bailey, and his sister Reagan! Sidenote: We couldn’t help but notice that this clan is almost identical to the Subaru Family. What do you think?

IMG_5988 (1)

Finn started off as one of the smallest members of the pack but now we are thinking he might be the biggest! Mr. B, if you’re reading this, we’re sorry in advance! With lots of four legged and two legged friends, Finn is always having a good time. Even the neighbors can’t help but come out back and say hello to him. It’s a good thing he’ll curl right up against your chest or legs when he greets you! The whole neighborhood seems to enjoy watching him grow up. And let’s just say, no one can believe how fast it is happening!

What do you think of Mister Finnigin MaGee? Don’t you just want to cuddle him right up? 

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