Where did our little golden puppy go?

Where did our puppy go? Seriously, she was just right here falling on her cute little face while attempting to master the hard wood floors. SPOILER: Our puppy is not actually lost. She’s just not much of a puppy anymore…

We wish we took those people who said “it goes by way too fast” more seriously. Right now, we’re definitely living it. It is hard to believe our little Reagan Blue is four months old. Her puppy fur is almost gone (DEPRESSED) and she’s getting so tall! Jeez. First it’s the puppy fur. Next thing we know she’ll be off to prom with some bad ass German Shepard and then off to college or auditioning for Subaru commercials. We are not prepared for this. Not one bit. *Pours a glass of wine. Pours contents back into bottle. Chugs straight from bottle instead.*

Well, until those days come, here are some photos of Reagan’s transition from 8 weeks to 4 months. These are just the physical transitions. No photo can capture her transformation from a crazy little pup to a smart, loving, obedient (sometimes) young lady!

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Before we go, we wanted to tell you all that if you or any one else you know is suffering from your puppy growing up too fast, don’t worry, we have good news. Last week at the vet, Reagan had the last of her puppy shots! We asked the vet if this means she is no longer a puppy and she gave us the best answer we could have hoped for…

“She’ll never not be a puppy! Even when she’s 13 years old, she’ll still be your little baby.”

Smart lady – I guess that’s why she’s a vet!


6 thoughts on “Where did our little golden puppy go?

  1. somethingwagging says:

    And she’s still adorable. Besides, you may see some outrageous puppy behavior soon that will make you wish she’d grow up faster. 🙂

    When Honey was about this age, she chewed a hole in my hair dye bottle that I didn’t notice until I spotted the color squeezing out the back of the bottle and onto my newly painted bathroom wall and installed floor.

    And then she swallowed a squeaky that took 2 months to surface again when it blocked her intestine causing a need for emergency surgery.

    Experienced golden folks have told me that a golden’s brain falls out of her head around 6 months. In Honey’s case, it was 4 months. 🙂


    • raebyday says:

      Oh jeez! I cannot even imagine. She is losing all her teeth currently so last night actually there was a good amount of blood all over her toys and dog bed. My heart stopped for a second but then opened her mouth and she lost two teeth! We will definitely stay aware of the 4-6 month warning 🙂

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