September SPOTlight: Riley

Please put your paws together for the pup in this month’s spot light, Riley, an athletic pit bull who would seriously shatter Air Bud’s vertical jump. All she needs is a Frisbee or a ball!


Name: Riley

Age: 2 years old

Born: September 13, 2013 (Where my virgos at!?)

Breed: Pit Bull Terrier

From: Philadelphia, PA


Riley was born way up north in the small town of Gouvernor, New York. Her owner drove six hours from Philadelphia, PA to pick her up, which explains Riley’s immediate love for car rides! She has become quite the little co-pilot for her mother, who is a police officer in Philly and is always on the go. Riley is a staff favorite at the pet friendly hotel they occasionally stay at too. She even gets treats from the front desk when they check in! If there is a survey, I think Riley is giving out all 5’s for that one!


Jess picking Riley up for the first time! Just look at those ears!

Fun Fact: Even though it’s cold outside, Riley’s favorite time of the year is winter. She loves catching snowflakes out of the air. It’s kind of a guilty pleasure but hey, she looks cute doing it!

Favorite human food: Pizza and Greek yogurt (she has good taste)

Pet peeve: No mani/pedis for this girl! She absolutely hates having her paws touched! Good thing she prefers a tennis ball over a spa day.


Biggest fear: the vacuum cleaner (seriously- what IS that thing?!)

In the yearbook she was voted: Most Athletic


Look at that Most Athletic winner smile. 🙂

When Riley isn’t dodging the vacuum, you will find her going for a long walk or at the park playing fetch with her favorite tennis ball or a soft Frisbee. This girl has some serious ups and can run forever. We are convinced she is the secret behind keeping her mom in shape and able to chase down the bad guys!

Now don’t be fooled here. Yeah, Riley can probably run circles around you and is crazy strong, but she is a total snuggle bug. She is actually kind of a blanket hog and prefers the whole head to toe sleeping arrangement. Because she’s cute, we’ll allow it.


Riley loves treats just as much as she loves her toys. She’ll be sure to give you two paws and lie down first though. Her absolute favorite treat is a special bone her mom picks up fresh from the butcher at the meat counter. Now that is treatment.


Soooo… athletic, playful, cuddle bug, and a cute face? No wonder why this girl fell into September’s SPOTlight. And be sure to wish Riley a happy belated birthday!

Happy 2nd Birthday Riley!

Happy 2nd Birthday Riley!

Do you want your dog to be featured in next month’s SPOTlight? Email us and tell us why at!


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