3 Weeks with Rae

First of all, happy 11 weeks Reagan Blue! You are officially… well, still a puppy, so never mind. It’s been a fun few weeks of getting to know our fuzzy little girl! The best part about this job is getting to show Reagan little pieces of the world every day. What’s even better? Watching her discover her favorite parts. Side note: she literally just discovered her tail. Non-stop wagging has commenced. In light of National Dog Day tomorrow we wanted to give you a quick look at what Reagan’s come to love in the last few weeks.

1. Car rides. Specifically the AC that comes blasting out of the vents. To put this into human terms, I’d assume this is comparable to riding in convertible on a warm sunny day.

2. Her brother. Cause I mean, look at him. Some days, Reagan goes to her grandma’s house (also where Finn resides) while her parents work. The two of them really like to play under the kitchen table together (they think no one can see them. Spoiler: we can.) Sometimes they sit across from one another and literally just talk. Seriously. She’ll give a few barks and then Finn will politely reply. It goes on for a LONG time. Ugh. Regrets on taking Spanish for my foreign language in high school. Ugh, if only they offered how to speak puppy. Regrets, regrets…

3. Swimming. Okay, classifying her performance in the kiddie pool is hardly considered swimming. Lets just say Reagan’s “swimming” is more comparable to Mary Katherine Gallagher’s toe dip into the pool in the movie Superstar. If you don’t get that reference, we’re done. We took her to the lake to get her feet wet, literally, and she had a blast. She watched her doggie friend, Jameson (Basic Brook’s son); master the art of the doggie paddle. Reagan only went in a little but she had so much fun! We can’t wait to bring her back for round #2.

4. Toothbrush. Well, let’s rephrase here. Tooth PASTE. She thinks it’s a treat (this is a good thing) and she gets so excited when she sees the toothbrush coming her way. In fact, when she sees us brushing our teeth she thinks it’s her turn and she will follow us around like “ok Mom, I’m ready!” Man, if every human patient was this excited to brush their teeth, a lot of dentists would be out of a job.


5. Meeting new people. Reagan is a regular old social butterfly. The neighbors have gotten to know her real quick. Okay, the whole block. If she sees someone she hasn’t met yet, give it 10 seconds until she’s at their feet, on her back and introducing herself. It reminds me a lot of how we act on Fridays after work actually.


6. Belly rubs. This is in continuation from #5. Apparently where Reagan is from, you don’t shake hands when you meet someone new. Instead you roll over and make them scratch your belly. We will be implementing this new technique at happy hour. Stand by….

7. Cookies! Biscuits! Treats! But she has to eat them on her bed. FYI- we must be cool moms because our moms never let us eat cookies in bed. Hmph.


8. Being the mayor of all her toys. We realized that yes… Reagan likes her toys. But what she likes even more than that is digging into her toy basket and taking them all, and we mean ALL of them, out of her basket and moving them to her bed. With all the practice we know she’d really excel at bobbing for apples. Anyways, it is the rudest game ever. Like hello! Here we are, ready to toss you a ball but all you want to do is move your toys around by yourself! Ugh. It’s like high school all over again. Yes we’re crying.

9. Getting pampered. Reagan = diva. She absolutely loves getting her nails clipped, her fur shampooed and brushed, ears cleaned, eyes cleaned, and like we stated before, teeth brushed. So yes, we’re her slaves. But in case you’re wondering, we’re writing this post in oversized t-shirts and messy buns. That awkward moment when you spend more time grooming your dog than you do yourself…

10. Dinnertime! The girl loves to eat. She has actually fallen asleep in her food bowl. Yes, photo to prove it, keep reading. Her internal clock is always spot on. When 5:30 rolls around, she knows it’s time for her to chow down. This makes us happy too because it means someone is adjusting to her new routine nicely. 🙂


What are some of your pups favorite things? What’s your favorite weird thing they do?


15 thoughts on “3 Weeks with Rae

  1. Jesse says:

    She is adorable. I love the picture of her lounging in the gentleman’s arms. I also likes how she lies on her back on the floor. Oshie did that all the time as a puppy and still does quite often.


  2. Miss Harper Lee says:

    She’s so adorable! Had to laugh when I read about her taking all of her toys out of her basket. Tallulah loves to do this too, which means that Mommy is constantly picking them all up and putting them all back. Hey, wait a minute. Maybe Mommy’s actually the retriever in the family. 😉


    • raebyday says:

      Love it! We have to do the same, every morning and night! It’s so cute though, especially to see how much her personality has come out. We hope Tallulah and Miss Harper Lee are amazing! 🙂


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