SPOTlight: Cali

The August SPOTlight (again, minus the spots) belongs to…

Cali girl


Sometimes we are convinced that Cali thinks she is still a puppy! I mean, she was one cute pup so I don’t blame her! Don’t you agree?

Other times however she acts like a mature mother of 6. One moment she will be playing tug of war with her big bro Bailey and the next she’ll be crouched down at eye level with her energetic puppy cousins! We don’t know where Cali stores her switch but her constant change from puppy to adult is truly amazing.


When Cali is in puppy mode, you can find her being very playful with lots of licking and excitement towards her toys. This girl is a total cuddle bug (specifically in the morning when its time for her owners to wake up) and she definitely won’t make you ask twice for a kiss. In fact, you won’t even have to ask at all. If her owners are having a bad day, don’t worry that all changes once they get home to Cali. She insists on greeting them at the door and carrying something in her mouth to give to them as a gift. Her tail wags like crazy in these moments and it would be hard for anyone not to smile at her pure excitement.

On the other side of things, Cali has been spotted in a whole new light. Recently, we’ve seen her trying to teach her new puppy cousins the way of life. When she plays with dogs her size, she gives it 100%. But around the new puppies, you’ll find her going really easy with them, letting them jump on her, and trotting around the yard with toys to get them to interact. Cali is used to being the “little one” around her big brother. Now that the tables have turned, she loves being the “big” one around the puppies. If you ask us, she is a great role model!


From: Moravia, NY

Age: 2 years old (she is a Pisces)

Breed: Labrador retriever (Cali’s mom is a black lab and her dad is a yellow lab)

Favorite hobby: Basking in the sun. If there is a patch of sun creeping in through the window, Cali will find it! She also loves laying outside and catching rays… well, when she’s not swimming of course!


In the yearbook she was voted: Biggest cuddler

Biggest fear: Being left alone. Don’t worry though, her coping method includes snuggling up in her parent’s bed or propping her head on her big brother while they sleep.

Pet peeve: She hates being wet. In fact, she welcomes the hair dryer with open paws

Fun fact: Hearing the sirens from an ambulance makes her howl and sing like wild. Maybe she is secretly trying to tell her parents she wants to be a firedog?

Favorite human food: plain donuts (she is very popular in the Dunkin Donuts drive thru) or white cake with vanilla frosting (a treat she has come to love on her birthday)


Here are some more our favorite shots of Cali girl!

Cali loves her yearly birthday treat. What do you do for your dog on their special day? Do you think your pup would be perfect for a SPOTlight? Contact us and tell us why!


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