Our Top 10 #RaeByDay Moments

Hey everybody. So as expected, we’re still replaying all the wonderful moments of Reagan’s first days home. In fact, we are still very much among them. We wanted to take a moment and share a couple of our favorite Reagan moments from her first week with you! We’ll save the best for last… so don’t stop scrolling.

10. Our ride home on pick up day. This was the first moment we had that feeling of “wow she is really ours now!” And judging by her expression, maybe she was thinking the same thing.



9. Reagan goes to work! I know, she doesn’t even have her working papers yet, but she did a phenomenal job in the office. Everyone loved the bundle of fluff running around, spicing up a normal business day. In fact, they liked her so much that in a few more visits we think she may have a permanent spot on the Payroll. Watch out Britt, Reagan is coming for your job.



IMG_1052 IMG_0850




8. Giving her “her own” stuff. Okay look. We’ve been waiting for over a year to spoil this little fluff nugget so don’t judge us. When she walked into our house and watched her claim her bed and toys, we felt overly happy. It is too cute to see her bounce around from toy to toy and to see her live so comfortably. It didn’t take her long to adjust to her new life. Probably because we are so awesome. Or, maybe it’s the toys. Yeah, it is definitely the toys.





7. Our first visit to the park! Seriously, I think a dog’s first visit to a large open park with nothing but trees and grass is the same thing as bringing a human to a big field of fried food and free beer. (If such things exist for us humans, do tell.) It was really fun to see her chasing her toys and running around with no limits.  Let’s just say someone needed to be carried to the car afterwards. And no I do not mean Britt. Well, not this time anyways… If you want to see the slo-mo videos check out her instagram @the_golden_rules!

IMG_2852 IMG_2866 IMG_2875 IMG_4166 IMG_4269

6. TV? What’s TV? When Reagan is in her crate, we keep the TV on to drown out any outside noises. On a few occasions, we’ve come in to take her out and she is casually propped up on her front paws, watching TV like a human. And if you’re wondering, yes, the channel is set to Animal Planet.


5. Hide and Seek. Okay so, this moment was extremely hard to capture as we were both silent and still behind an oak tree. There is something utterly magical about poking your head out from hiding and seeing your 8 week old puppy darting at you in a dead sprint, joy all over her face. Hide and seek is a game that will remain in our lives. But holy crap, she is getting good. And we need more hiding spots up in here.

4. Learning commands. Warning: Proud parent moment. Who knew seeing our little girl listen and learn would bring so much joy to our hearts? She has mastered sit, lay down, and roll over in just a week. Seriously, not sure who is more excited about this. At one point, I was being offered a treat to stop jumping (with joy). We know this is just the very start but we can’t wait for what else is store with Reagan’s training! She is still learning leave it, stay, and drop but we know she’s on her way! We’ll be heading to the Pet Smart training class at her 10 week old mark.

DSCN3770 DSCN3771

Learning to lay.

Learning to lay.


3. Claiming her territory. This is just too cute. Slowly Reagan has discovered her favorite parts of the house. For instance, she has to play with her toys in the front room on her big pink bed. When it comes to nap time, she is very particular. If she isn’t begging to get into “her room” aka her crate for a snooze, she can usually be found behind the hamper in the bathroom (usually when we’re getting ready because she’s never left unattended in here). And when we say behind the hamper, we really mean wedged under it, tucked against the wall, face first. This is normal, right? In fact I tried it myself and it is quite comfy. Her most recent spot is even better than the hamper though. We found her on the lower piece of our cocktail table, passed out. We are really starting to think she was a coaster in a past life or something. But she is obsessed with this spot. And we are obsessed with how cute it is.

IMG_4314 IMG_4261

2. Meeting the family. Reagan, meet Bailey and Cali, the only dogs in the family for the past 6 years. This first meet up was done very strategically. Honestly, it was pretty similar to an episode of Catfish. You know, two parties meeting up separately in a weird park, staring each other down until both are close enough to get a good look. Reagan and Finn met Bailey and Cali and it was tons of fun. Phase 1 was complete and led to a group walk (some better than others on the leash) and then an afternoon of play at Cara’s parents house. The girls, Rae and Cali, played together while Finn rolled around with Mister B. At one point, Cali and Bailey were wrestling. Finn and Reagan saw and started their own “mini” wrestling matching right next to them. 


1. The siblings reunite. Simply put, this moment will be hard to beat. On the day we picked up the puppies, Reagan came with us and Finnigin went with Cara’s mom and sister, his new owners. We wanted to get them acquainted with their new homes and didn’t want to add any stress or confusion in their new environments. Once they were both settled, the reunion happened. There was running, there was kissing, there was lots of playful jumping. It really was a beautiful moment to see. They were attached at the hip for the rest of the day; playing, experiencing their first baths together, and they even ate side by side. These two little fur balls are going to be best buds. I mean they are brother and sister after all.

IMG_4558 IMG_8003 IMG_4253


What are some of your favorite moments with your pet? If you had to choose a #1 moment, what would it be?


5 thoughts on “Our Top 10 #RaeByDay Moments

  1. Emmadog says:

    So precious, and she has so much life to look forward to full of wonderful experiences. Katie and I never saw any of our families again after we were adopted because they were far away, but Bailie has had a couple reunions and could care less. They all act like they never met before. Mom finds it sad, but it doesn’t seem to phase Bailie one bit. Enjoy!


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