Rae comes home

Cara and Brittney here reporting live from a pile of sweat, puppy slobber, and training treats. Mission: Reagan’s first weekend, complete. Mission: Ignore her cuteness and strictly enforce the training plan, complete…um, ish. Oh and warning! If a bunch of a random letters appear anywhere in this post, just know the lap top was abruptly dropped due to Reagan going potty and needing a rewarddfbcckdgjsspodklwalsg.


But before we get to all that, lets rewind back to a few days ago when we picked up our little bundle of fluff, Reagan Blue! Her middle name was inspired by none other than the blue moon. We are so cool.


Anyways, for a minute we were convinced Saturday morning would never come. But it did. We trekked through the winding country roads one last time, iced coffees securely tucked in the middle console, until we reached the now familiar town of Georgetown, NY. When we finally arrived, our breeder handed Reagan off to us and it felt like a dream was finally coming true. After a year of waiting, three visits out to our breeder, and a lot of house prep, she was finally ours.

DSCN3677 DSCN3678

The hardest part of the day was knowing we wouldn’t have an excuse to come back out to see all the adult dogs again. Our breeder, Tranquility Goldens of CNY, exceeded every expectation we had. From start to finish, they made this process so special and we are so thankful we went this route. They even asked if we wanted one more picture of mom and dad before we left. Maybe it was the camera strapped around my neck that gave it away. Either way, we got a photo. *chest bump*

Paws (on the right) , Rae's Dad, is pretty camera shy. Nala is rae's mom on the left

Paws (on the right) , Rae’s Dad, is pretty camera shy. Nala is rae’s mom on the left

DSCN3690 DSCN3692



We were much more excited than Reagan was on the car ride home. We know because, well, the girl was passed out asleep! Don’t worry though, we were still obsessing over every little breath and twitch she made. And when she got the hiccups you would have thought she just pooped gold by our reaction. Seriously, the girl blinked and we were reaching for our cameras. The question is, is anyone shocked? You’re shaking your head no aren’t you?

IMG_2729 IMG_2731

When we got home, Regan was so curious! Obviously we could not wait for her to check out her new digs. She went right to her container of toys and it was love at first sight with a stuffed hedgehog. We are thinking she secretly subscribes to our blog and knew exactly where everything was before she got there. Especially her bed, which she plopped right down on.

DSCN3720 DSCN3727

We let her explore but we didn’t waste any time getting right into training mode. After she declared “hedgie” as her favorite, we started to play with her just outside of her crate. We would toss her hedgie in and out of the crate to get her used to it. She was always happy to find little training bits inside too. It wasn’t long after thal she decided she was tired and walked into the crate herself for a nap (I’d say cat nap, but the girl can sleep!) And eat! Seriously. But it’s ok because all of her food is going right to her fluff.

IMG_2795 IMG_2712

Once she was asleep, we closed the crate door and let her nuzzle up against a blanket that smelled like us. We were really surprised to find her awake later on and not crying or barking to get out. (Knock on wood) Instead she was just sitting alongside hedgie, paws crows, looking all cute. We are kind of getting nervous that she likes her crate more than us. Are we smothering? Are we? Are we?

Anyways, once the crate door opened it was a mad dash to the back yard. Reagan pees, Reagan gets treat and lots of play time. Now repeat this until the end of time. Let’s just say we are pooped. For real. Don’t make us type anymore and just look at the photos of this cute devil instead. Deal?


Learning to sit.


Learning to lay.

Learning to lay.

Now get ready for our Reagan photo dump!

IMG_2762 DSCN3784

IMG_9817 IMG_7671 IMG_4917 IMG_3907 IMG_2793 IMG_2782 IMG_1168


Brittney, Cara and Reagan

What do you think of Rae? Do have any tips your remember from your first few weeks with your pup?


13 thoughts on “Rae comes home

  1. somethingwagging says:

    OMD, I think I’ve been waiting for this almost as excitedly as you have been.

    My one regret from bringing Honey’s puppydom is not taking enough pictures. So glad to see you’re not making the same mistake. 🙂


  2. Marsha says:

    Hi Rae!
    Welcome home sweetheart! I can not wait to meet you. You are precious and I’m already in love with all of these pics. This blog is so cute gals!!
    xoxo Marsha


  3. Jan K says:

    OMG….she is so darn cute, I can’t stand it! 🙂 Some of her puppy photos remind me so much of our Sheba when she was that young (forever ago). It sounds like she is being a pretty good puppy so far! Congratulations on finally getting her home (a year is a long time to have to wait)!


  4. bailey unleashed says:

    squee!!! OMD, she’s precious. i’m so happy for you. enjoy her puppyhood while you can because it’ll be over before you know it.


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