Our lasts mean Reagans firsts

Okay people, we are under the one week mark (technically under 6 days today) until Raegan comes home! Let the last minute preparations commence: fluff her dog bed one last time, shine her water bowl, ensure the squeakers in her toys are at 100% working level, oooh these are fun. Okay anyways.


We are so ready for her homecoming! This journey will kick off a long list of her firsts: her first car ride, her first walk, her first bath, her first 1v1 fight with an ice cube. Don’t worry we’ll record that last one. Kind of like when my father recorded me discovering a worm for the first time. *Scarred for life*

We can’t wait to give her these firsts, just like she’s giving to us. But with that, comes a lot of our lasts. Don’t worry, we’re completely okay with it.

Goodbye sleeping in. Goodbye staying inside during the horrible winter months. Goodbye wardrobe and hello dog hair. Goodbye social life, or what we had of one. Goodbye spontaneous weekend trips.

And hello Reagan.

In honor of our first puppy and Reagan’s long list of firsts that are right around the corner, we are celebrating our last weekend before becoming dog parents. We decided why not go out with a bang? Well, as bangyish as we’re willing to get at this point in our lives. We figured it won’t be particularly easy for us to pack up a bag and spontaneously take off for a weekend trip in the near future (five days, fourteen hours, and eleven minutes to be exact) so that is exactly how we spent our last weekend before the Rae take over.

Step #1, book hotel. Step #2, pack bag. Step #3, get in car. Step #4, coffee. Step #5, move step #4 to step #1. Coffee is life.

Windows down, country music blaring, sun shining. Saturday was a perfect day for a mini road trip down I90 West!


A little bit of a rainy start to the day on I90!


First stop, Rochester Public Market. Because… who doesn’t kick off their last wild weekend of freedom at a farmers market? We know how to party.


We picked up some UNREAL peaches and other vegetables, hit up some free samples, tried a local coffee place. You know, typical things you do when you are 80 years or older.

After wandering around for a bit we stopped for lunch at Jines, one of our favorite diners in not just Rochester, NY, but… okay, I don’t want to be dramatic here but… the entire world. Jines. Um, photos below will explain reasoning for our obsession:

IMG_9319 IMG_2576

I know what you’re thinking at this point. How did we keep on partying after such a crazy afternoon? Luckily we got a quick nap in at the hotel which brought a nice second wind just in time for us to go HAM at a local Mexican restaurant, Salena’s. Seriously, re-defining the term food baby. But it was worth it.

IMG_2028 IMG_0753

These are STUFFED avocados!

These are STUFFED avocados!

IMG_2578 IMG_2579

And no, we aren’t done eating yet. Just a quick break from the food to hit up the Western New York Flash soccer game to see Carli Lloyd score yet another goal. Oh and I’d just to like to say we deserve extra points for not spilling any salsa on our new USA soccer shirts. Side note: our seats were awesome.

Unfortunately Leroux was out for surgery so we didn't get to see her!

Unfortunately Leroux was out for surgery so we didn’t get to see her!

IMG_3733 IMG_2591 IMG_2596 IMG_2599 IMG_2604 IMG_2601

Sahlen's stadium was gorgeous at night with perfect weather!

Sahlen’s stadium was gorgeous at night with perfect weather!

After the game, we realized that out of all of the fans standing against the railing for an autograph, we were the only ones over age 12. So we slowly back pedaled away and traded a potential meet and greet for dippin dots. There’s really no loser here…

We know what you’re thinking. This trip sounds a lot like your college spring break. We promise to tone it down when we become dog parents next weekend.

The rest of the night was spent just chillin in the hot tub back at the hotel. Don’t worry we had plenty of snacks.


The next morning we took off pretty early. Once we got home we had some last minute house stuff to do for baby Rae! We put up a small fence in our back yard so she can have some extra space outside. We live right by a dog park which we’ll be visiting frequently, but having the option for her to roam around the backyard is a nice option too. Especially for potty training!

Fence building essentials!

Fence building essentials!


We finally got to make a quick stop at Petmart and Marshall’s to get a couple last minute things. We did pick up the Petmart Puppy Starter Kit with a bunch of coupons for you and your pup! We definitely recommend checking it out. Also, we got another larger bed for Rae! We hope you don’t mind the selfies!

IMG_2634 IMG_2631

Moral of our story is getting a puppy comes with more than just the price tag you pay up front. You are giving up a lot of freedom in exchange for something so great! And if you ask us, it is worth it every time. Well, ask us later because currently we’re still thinking about stuffed avocados from that Mexican place.

Oh and just would like subtly add……. WE CANNOT WAIT!!!! #onemoreweek

Brittney, Cara and Soon to be Raegan

What did you say goodbye to when you became a dog parents? What are some new dog friendly hobbies we can add into our lives?



20 thoughts on “Our lasts mean Reagans firsts

  1. Pooch Smooches says:

    You ladies know how to party! (At least… that’s how I like to party. Food, and then more food. Then hot-tubbing, and more food.) You’ll still be able to road-trip with the pup! We do it a lot with Rita. Just have to find dog friendly places to stay! As for new dog-friendly hobbies, hiking is one of our favorites. Looking forward to the weather turning cooler so we can get back to it.


  2. Miss Harper Lee says:

    So happy to see that we’re not the only crazy humans! We planned a final just-for-Harper Lee weekend before we welcomed Tallulah Bee. We went out to eat with Miss Lee at one of her favorite dog-friendly restaurants and hit up one of her favorite dog-friendly bars. (Fortunately, she shares the same favorites with her humans, haha!) The next morning, we relaxed on the floor reading the Sunday paper and just generally chilling for the day. Boy did life ever change the next weekend! By the way, those food pics are fabulous. Eat up . . . you’re going to need the energy. Can’t wait for Reagan’s arrival!

    Liked by 1 person

    • raebyday says:

      We already know Rae’s favorites 😉 We still can’t wait to go on trips with her once she’s settled in! We know it’s going to be crazy once she’s finally here but we can’t wait!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. The Daily Pip says:

    Looks like you enjoyed your last moments of carefree dog freedom. The food looks amazing. The wonderful thing about welcoming a dog into your life is that you will discover all kinds of new, fun things to do with your new pup – and experience unconditional love and lots laughs and so much fun!


    • raebyday says:

      This just got us even more excited! We can’t wait for to do everything with her. Even just simple things like taking her to the dog park we have been daydreaming about! 🙂


  4. somethingwagging says:

    You are wild women!

    Which is actually a good thing. Because as Rae gets older, you’ll be able to take her along to many of the things you really enjoy.

    We seek out dog-friendly dining spots (there aren’t nearly enough). I don’t know if there are dog-friendly soccer leagues. But some baseball teams (minor and major league) have dog nights.

    Some farmer’s markets are pet friendly too.

    Can’t wait to see your sweet pup’s debut. Good luck!


    • raebyday says:

      Yes! We can’t wait to find out everywhere we can take her. I know that the minor league baseball team here does a “Bark in the Park” game so we’re hoping we didn’t miss it. Thank you! Just four more days.


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