Baby Rae

Okay so apparently “getting a puppy” does not qualify you for maternity leave. Note to self. Also noting things are mildly awkward between me and my boss now.

Anyways! Today we received the news that our future pup was born on June 9th! Five boys, two girls and mom is doing great. No we are not getting all seven (I wish) so one will do for now. We thought it would be cool to start our blog post today as we sit in anticipation and excitement of what’s to come. Puppy Reagan Rae is on her way to us in just a few weeks. Come on August 4th! Disclaimer: Name is subject to change at any given moment with no advance notice or warning.

We are excited “dog parents to be” and determined to do things right. Meaning we will explore every avenue and possibility of giving this little fluffster the best life she can have! Our list of things we need is long, our excitement is boiling over, and the nerves are… there. There is a lot to learn but with two of us we are up for the task. Except for choosing the right dog food. We’ve undergone some serious dog food taste testing and personally, none of them agree with my pallet. The treats aren’t so bad though…

Being on a waiting list for over a year has given us enough time to prepare and confirm this is the right choice for us. We are also going through one of the most well respected dog breeders in Upstate New York. On July 14th we will be heading up North to officially meet our little cutie! From there it is just two more weeks until we get to bring her home… See you soon Reagan!


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